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Interview & Selection – STARR

Interviewing has always played an essential role in the selection process. This step requires tangible elements demonstrated during the interview. Only a structured approach allows us to evaluate behaviors and attitudes in different professional situations.
Hiring Managers are also important in this process as they are the ones who ultimately make the hiring decision.
This training addresses the needs of Talent Acquisition and Managers. They will develop a more efficient and rational approach with the goal of hiring the most suitable candidate for the position to be filled and for the company.
The challenge is to create a positive experience for candidates and to have them collaborate in your organization.


By the end of the training program, you will be able to:

  • Frame the interview.
  • Explore the elements and needs shared by the candidate.
  • Probe the candidate’s motivation and experience.
  • Conduct an interview with kindness.
  • Select the most competent and talented person for the position to be filled.


  • Preparing for the interview and analyzing the points to watch out for.
  • Structure the interview.
  • STARR methodology.
  • Active listening & taking notes.
  • The importance of feedback.
1 day (7h)
9h - 17h
For who
Starter, Junior Talent Acquisition & Hiring Manager


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