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Talent Acquisition Global Strategy

Talent Acquisition Global Strategy

The Talent Acquisition Manager is an ambassador for his/her organisation, he/she plays a role of facilitator between the organisation and the candidates. He/she is the guarantor of the successful completion of the recruitment process by managing the related costs. To this end, he/she shows resilience, constantly adapts and anticipates the needs of both parties.


Hiring well means implementing a well-defined process which includes a description of open positions, the creation of a pool of candidates, managing candidate applications, selecting people with skills and talent, onboarding new hires and complying with legislation.
Formalising your recruitment strategy – and your HR policy in general – is the first step towards better management of one of your company’s most valuable assets. At the end of the training programme, you will be able to :

  • Set up a tailor-made, relevant and efficient recruitment process
  • Deal with recruitment needs
  • Decide on a workforce planning strategy that is coherent and aligned with the organisation’s strategy
  • Choose the most appropriate partners and tools
  • Create an onboarding process that reflects the organisation’s image
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each person
  • Optimise the presence of your recruiters on the market
  • Establish and control a realistic budget
  • Cultivate your agility


Whatever the business or sector concerned, the recruitment policy defines the good practices applied to recruitment within an organisation It outlines the recruitment process, including actions, decisions and means, while remaining agile.

  • Talent Acquisition – Job description
  • Recruitment – Selection: a difference?
  • The challenges of the profession today
  • Talent Acquisition tools
  • Selection of external partners
  • Onboarding strategy
  • Talent Acquisition Process
  • Flow chart
  • Talent Acquisition market presence
  • Budget management
  • Continuous Improvement
4 days (28h)
9h - 17h
For who
HR Director, HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager


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