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Employer Branding

Employer Branding

When HR does marketing

The value of a company goes beyond its revenue and its client portfolio. It also includes its ability to attract and retain the talent it needs to grow. This training will enable you to understand the steps involved in implementing an employer brand suited to your HR strategy.


Attract the best candidates, in a sector in which (to add ‘you have to deal with’) the shortage of skilled and talented people (to delete ‘is having an impact.’)

Define and develop the identity and culture of your organisation, build your image and reputation inside and outside of its walls and, of course, its appeal. Ideally, it must all be consistent and aligned.

By the end of the training program, the participant will be able to:

  • identify the challenges of the employer brand and understand the underlying principles
  • Identify the steps needed to define a strategy suited to HR challenges
  • Activate internal levers to define and develop the employer brand
  • Choose and implement the right tools to promote the employer brand
  • Guide its actions and measure its impacts
  • Understand the new visibility trends


Identify employer brand challenges

  • Define the different types of company marketing: HR, brand, product.
  • Identify the challenges of developing your employer brand.
  • Identify the new behaviours of candidates and the impact of e-reputation.
  • Understand the impact of employee behaviour on social networks.

Define the foundation of an employer brand strategy

  • Obtain management buy-in.
  • Define internal and external targets, their expectations and their behaviours.
  • Collect data to define your approach.
  • Define your employer brand profile.
  • Promote your “recruiter offering” and its competitive advantages.
  • Plan a targeted strategy integrated in the company’s overall strategy.
  • Define the scope and roles of the HR, marketing and communications departments.

Develop your employer brand approach

  • Develop authentic and consistent communication related to the company culture.
  • Increase your appeal with a targeted editorial line and promote your offering.
  • Make your employees ambassadors for your employer brand.
  • Understand the importance of an internal charter and implement one.

Implement your employer brand strategy

  • Identify and use the promotional tools for your employer brand: social networks, curating, storytelling, etc.
  • Write and optimise your publications on various social networks.
  • Adapt your message to your target audiences and understand evolving trends on social networks.
  • Make effective use of LinkedIn: profile, page, showcase page, group, career page.
  • Use Twitter to develop your employer brand.
  • Use the right tools to unite your internal ambassadors.
  • Promote your employer brand with content sponsored on social networks.
  • Pay for solutions to broadcast job offers.

Measure the effectiveness of the employer brand strategy and adjust your actions

  • Choose tailored performance measurement criteria and tools (internal/external) for your employer brand strategy.
2 days(14h)
9h - 17h
For who
HR Director, HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, Marketing & Communication Manager


12 - 13 November 2024
Golf du château de la Bawette

Employer BrandingFR

Chaussée du Château de la Bawette, 5 – 1300 Wavre

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