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Sourcing – Masterclass

Sourcing – Masterclass

Over the past years, digital (to replace by ‘the digitalisation’) has gradually changed your recruiting habits: increase in the number of recruitment channels, diversification of acquisition sources, etc. You have to be proactive to reach people who would never have contacted your organisation for a variety of reasons.

We have never before been able to reach so many candidates and, yet, recruiting has become a real obstacle course.

This new way of recruiting has become THE best strategy to deal with your daily Talent Acquisition issues.

This is the reason why sourcing quickly conquered HR.


  • Develop your organisation’s talent pool
  • Find and contact skilled and talented people who are passive on the job market
  • Create a database of contacts of skilled people which will be useful over the long term
  • Master sourcing techniques such as Boolean searches
  • Save time by improving the flow of CV management and the traceability of all information about candidate profiles via the sourcing tool
  • Manage the cost of talent acquisition by using their own channels and existing resources
  • Increase the chances of receiving more CVs and of reaching candidates who are not yet on the market or who are difficult to identify
  • Recruit the profiles that best meet your organisation’s needs thanks to careful matching between the potential candidates, skills and the talents sought.


  • Prepare a relevant and powerful job offer for the skilled and talented professionals your company needs
  • Learn and use candidate search tools
  • Explore the subtleties of sourcing and Boolean searches
  • Develop a search strategy
  • Practice market profile identification techniques (employment offers, ATS, sourcing)
  • Learn the steps of successful sourcing
  • Include the source’s ethics
  • Transform passive candidates into active candidates
  • Approach passive candidates with a hook
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9h - 17h
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Talent Acquisition (Junior, Medior, Senior Level)


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