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Interview & Selection – MASTERCLASS

Interviewing, selecting and negotiating

The selection interview has always played an essential part in the recruiting strategy of companies. It has undergone major changes in the digital era: in a job market under stress, impacted by a shortage of candidates. To select the right candidates, it’s essential to be ever more agile and to develop your own approach and identity.

Negotiating the salary package is a crucial part of the Talent Acquisition cycle.

The challenge is to create a unique and positive experience for candidates and to see them collaborate in your organisation.


By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Prepare a selection interview
  • Go beyond what the candidate has told you or has not said
  • Explore in depth the elements and needs shared by the candidate
  • Explore the candidate’s motivation and experience
  • Carry out a warm interview
  • Project the candidate in their future position
  • Select the most skilled and talented person for the position to be filled
  • Obtain the signature and buy-in of your future employee


  • Prepare the interview: define the objective of the exchange, the criteria of the position and study the candidate’s profile
  • The interview structure using the STAR method revised by the Talent Acquisition Academy
  • Welcome the candidate and make them comfortable – Introduce the interview – Present the company and the position
  • Master active listening: reformulation, silence, rebound questions
  • Go beyond the traditional interview to develop the art of asking questions: with the linguistic meta model and the meta programmes
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Observe the paraverbal communication
  • Close the interview
2 days (21h)
9h - 17h
For who
Talent Acquisition (Medior, Senior Level), HR Manager/Director.


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