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Learning for mastery

Who are we?

The Academy was born of the meeting of several Talent Acquisition professionals who shared a vision of ethics and respect for candidates, managers and the company and the desire to share their passion for personal development.

Our history

Given the stakes of the challenges awaiting our profession, we want to provide a concrete answer to the new needs of companies: complete, innovative and unique Talent Acquisition training.

In a super competitive world where job offers are spread across social networks, it was time to offer a curriculum to master what has become a major challenge for companies: finding and retaining the best talent.

We surrounded ourselves with experienced Talent Acquisition Managers who had worked in a number of companies to create a programme that meets your challenges.

The recruiting, selecting and hiring of employees who will make a long-term contribution to the success of your company are the goals of our training.

The art of recruiting can’t be improvised, it has to be learned.

Everything is moving faster and faster today. And recruiting isn’t immune: you have to be top-notch and train with the best to find talent. This will enable you to avoid excessive turnover, dependency on outside partners or spending enormous amounts. The Talent Acquisition Academy was created to train you with a clear objective: improve recruiting at your company thanks, among other things, to sourcing, new and effective techniques and by improving the process of onboarding talent.

Our mission

Professionalise the Talent Acquisition process. We provide practical, clear, career-oriented and intuitive training suited to each person’s needs. In a professional environment where the passion and experience of expert trainers help participants surpass themselves and develop their full potential as Talent Acquisition Specialists. The training programme provides a common knowledge base and also cultivates the differences of each participant to develop their qualities, talents and strengths.

Our vision

Our goal is excellence and we aspire to become the leaders in Talent Acquisition. We trust our expert trainers to reach our common goal: participant satisfaction thanks to quality training, because it’s thanks to their involvement that the success of your projects is guaranteed. We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your training by listening to your needs and putting everything in place to develop knowledge that meets them in every respect.

Our Values

We wanted to create a school in focused on people. Given this outlook, we are deeply attached to values which will enable you to reach your full potential, such as: Transmission, Autonomy, Engagement, Curiosity and Advancement!


This is obvious to take participants further and higher. Specialisation in a field makes us experts and cross-pollination makes us innovators.


Enable the best talents in the sector to pursue their passions and make a difference.


Individual dedication provides a shared sense of fun. When you take what you do seriously and work hard, it inevitably results in a Fun & Serious work environment. When you take what you do seriously and work hard, it inevitably results in a Fun & Serious work environment.


We get up every day to take part in an adventure in which we all believe. At the Talent Acquisition Academy, we see training as an odyssey, a real adventure to support the transformation of a profession. We are 100% involved in our project, which is what makes this journey so amazing.


Always improving is part of our DNA. Never getting comfortable, always being curious and going forward.

Join us. We will train you to attract the best talents and ensure that they blossom.
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