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The first Talent Acquisition certificate-awarding academy, 100% Corporate

Over the past years, digital advances have changed behaviours and highlighted the need for innovative HR strategies. We offer a unique, innovative approach with well-targeted models to meet your current HR needs.



Professionalising Talent Acquisition is the driving force behind the academy. Certification will enable you to develop very specific skills to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of each step of the recruiting cycle.

Answers to your questions?

Sourcing: a new profession? add remove

The Sourcing Specialist is tasked with searching for, identifying and contacting potential candidates.

They are dedicated to meeting their client’s needs, which they fully understand and adjust to market realities.

They put their practical knowledge of sourcing techniques to work. The profession is perfect for the needs of small companies that don’t want to pay a commission to a recruiting agency. Together with the client, they determine how many hours will be needed to find quality candidates. The sourcing specialist is paid for the work done on an hourly or daily basis.

Certification: for whom and why? add remove

Certification validates the skills of people who have completed the Talent Acquisition, Recruitment & Sourcing, and Selection & Negotiation training.

  • Demand on the part of companies for training and certification in selection interviewing skills and final negotiations.
  • The Internet and social networks have upended candidate search and recruitment methods. These skills, based on using new technologies to ensure the right sourcing, were not often acquired by the “old school” of recruiters, which is why there was a need for employees already in place.
  • Talent Acquisition is an undervalued profession in the employment market, contrary to human resources, which get more media attention. Certification provides value to people who have received a certificate and enhances recognition of the profession.

How many students per training day? add remove

Quality before quantity.


Talent Acquisition has come to the conclusion that one of the best ways to develop the skills of our participants is in small groups.


Practice, practice, practice.


The Talent Acquisition Academy understands that the return on investment from training depends primarily on the participant’s ability to put into practice the new concepts they learned in their work environment. This knowledge transfer takes place more easily in small groups, since they promote exchange between the participants, enable the trainer to provide more personalised support to each participant and maximise practice time during training.


the reason why we limit the number of students to 16 maximum.

What financial assistance is available? How can you get it? add remove

The Talent Acquisition Academy is currently in the process of certification by QFor.

Once certification has been obtained, the TAA will be approved as a training centre and will be able to accept training vouchers.

The training voucher provides financial assistance for training regardless if you are an employee, self-employed or a job seeker.

Who is the training intended for? add remove

The training is intended for people who work in human resources who want to acquire complementary and operational Talent Acquisition skills: human resources managers, human resources assistants, recruiting managers, recruiting and professional mobility managers…

Experienced recruiters can easily join the training course regardless of their experience and knowledge level.

The modules cover the basics, then gradually progress to expert level.

Is this training approved? add remove

A certificate is awarded, on condition that all tests are passed.

It is recognised in the marketplace by our peers! Thanks to the quality and experience of our expert trainers, companies recognise the value of the certificate.

The Academy is currently undergoing QFor certification, which is awarded by an independent organisation. This certification is a guarantee of recognised quality.

What are the professional outlets from this training? add remove

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you will be individually responsible for the entire recruiting and selection process, regardless of the industry and size of the company.

Become a recruitment, sourcing, and employer branding expert
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