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Transmit and facilitate development


We put a range of different techniques into practice to support you during training.

The benefits of training by experts

Acquire new expertise, gain confidence, prepare for a career move, obtain recognition through training, develop your network…

For the company, the interest of the course is just as profitable: make your Human Resources actors in the deployment of the recruitment strategy, develop the loyalty of your employees by investing in the development of their skills, keep and motivate competent and talented people through training.

Expert trainers

Our trainers are experts in their advisory and training fields. Their experience is their strength. They adapt to the needs and challenges of your company. They are selected based on a strict quality process.

They are selected based on four main criteria:
  • Recognised Talent Acquisition expertise and experience
  • Training in teaching methods
  • Regular shared follow-up on quality results
  • Support from the founders and education meetings with their peers.


All trainers use the content, materials, tools and educational approach of the Talent Acquisition Academy to provide you with consistent, high-quality training.

Our trainers have all held (or still hold) leading Talent Acquisition positions in companies. They have experience in the field and share their experiences with participants and provide solutions which can be implemented immediately.

You become both the actor and author of your training.

Our trainers focus on two key challenges:
  • Transposition: to help you implement tools, practices and approaches in your professional environment.
  • Transformation: to help you achieve your company’s projects by reconciling operational challenges, agility and change management.

The objectives of the Talent acquisition Academy are to provide participants with the values needed for effective corporate life, to transmit knowledge, to assist during practical know-how learning and to provide direction as you acquire soft skills.

The educational methods and tools used for vocational training

We use the right teaching methods and tools at the Talent Acquisition Academy.
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