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Employer Branding

Make your company attractive using Employer Branding – Sterrebeek

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November 9 and 10


09 - 10 November 2023


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The National Golf


The National Golf
Du Roy de Blicquylaan, 7 - 1933 Sterrebeek


  • Johan Claes
    Johan Claes
    Employer Branding Expert, Co-Founder
    Favourite quote(s)
    “Be happy while living for you’re a long time dead.” (Old Scottish proverb)
    “When you go against the current, you reach the source.” (Bram Vermeulen)
    “If a plant climbs, it has the support of a wall.” (African proverb)
    I began my career as an independent photographer/film-maker. One of my customers asked me if I would like to be an independent representative for their products. I discovered hard sales, as well as interpersonal relationships, how to quickly understand a situation. After successfully completing a degree in marketing at night school, I continued to sell promotional materials, photocopiers and offset machines, then cameras to eventually create an optical equipment distribution network. I left that sector to work for a while as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a watch brand. I later, by chance, based more on a feeling, joined a company specialised in HR communication as an account manager where I developed a passion for all aspects of employer branding. That was 20 years ago…The work world is changing quickly and you have to be ready to find your place and the right candidates!
    After spending 10 years in an HR communication agency, I had the opportunity to “go to the other side” and become an Employer Branding & Sourcing Manager for one of the largest (and, obviously, one of the best 😉) employers in Brussels where I’ve worked very hard for the past 10 years to find candidates who, 80% of the time, work in sectors experiencing shortages. Over the past several years, I’ve also worked freelance, which means that I can travel to other sectors as well.
    I like
    Evenings with family or friends, the little things in life, the giggles, city life and its noises, getting back to nature and its quiet, an open mind, learning new things, getting out of my comfort zone, music and…everything that’s good to eat and drink…
    I don’t like
    Political correctness, the daily routine, any lack of freedom of action, lack of trust, lack of humour, especially self-mockery, gas works, ill will.
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